The Evolution of the Security Landscape

Businesses used to rely on mainframe computers to store all its data, these mainframes were relatively easy to prevent unauthorised access just using encryption software and physical security with the firewall controlling access to and from the mainframe.

While businesses still use mainframe computers they are unable to secure the information in the same way and data clouds are now used as part of the modern data centre.  As data is now spread over multiple locations and can be accessed through the web from anywhere in the world this opens the door to hackers as this cloud storage could open security holes.

So being able to secure a network is so much more complex due to all the devices we use to access the data.  The traditional style firewalls are no longer truly effective as the mainframes are not holding all the data so a new approach to IT security must be now part of any serious business strategy.

Mark Davenport from Dell Security Solutions talks about the diversification of hardware in the workplace and how this is relevant to IT Security.

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