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Invoicera, An effective and Efficient Online Invoicing Solution

Right from ‘how to prepare a sales pitch’ to ‘how to manage your brand image on Facebook, LinkdIn and various other social media platforms, the internet has become an easy-to-use guide for working professionals. Internet isn’t limited to the entertainment quotient only, but also offers a variety of online applications and tools to help you stay organized. They allow you to save time, save money and stay organized. All at the same time.

With the growing number of web workers there is also an increase in number of self employed professionals as well. For both self employed professionals and full-fledged organizations, online invoicing is a real savior. Using an online application or software over manual system or spreadsheets is becoming increasingly popular now a days. There are a plethora of options available with varying features and applications. What one has to decide is the best solution with the maximum number of advantages.

Enter Invoicera, an online billing service that offers one of the best online billing and invoicing solutions available. Stated below are few of the many advantages you get with Invoicera.

  • Expense and time tracking : Expenses and time are the two most crucial aspects of any business. Invoicera allows you to manage projects and tasks. The tool allows you to store information such as name, cost, quantity etc. Thus, it is well suited for invoicing time based and project based services. With expense tracking you can keep a check on your expenses while time tracking enables you to quantify exactly how much time you have invested on your project.

  • Online payments : With Invoicera one can perform recurring billing through PayPal and the various other online billing services. It can also manage credit and apply partial payments. There are as many as 20 payment gateways including Google Checkout,, iTransact, PayPal PlayFlow, SagePay, PayMate etc.

  • Keeps you data secured : The security measures are really strict and reliable. All your data and credit card information is encrypted and isn’t stored directly onto the system.

  • Invoice anytime, anywhere : Because it is a cloud based application, all it takes is a system and an internet connect to excess any of your data/records and execute an action even when you are traveling.

  • Multiple languages and currency support: Keeping the global nature of your business in mind, the application supports 11 languages and allows you to bill your clients in their respective currency as well. You can bill your clients in upto 120 different currencies. This ways you can make your clients more comfortable with a language and currency they are familiar with.

  • Customize your invoice: An invoice also reflects your business identity. With multiple design templates, you can custom design your invoices with Invoicera. A logo at the top, not only makes an impact but also positions you as a brand that is out an out professional.

  • Does not requires any expertise: One more important reason people opt for Invoicera is the ease of use. It is both, useful and user friendly. So you do not require any training or computer expertise to use it. This makes it a popular choice for not only freelancers and small business units but also full fledged organizations.

In crux, Invoicera is a great package for all sorts of businesses. It optimizes productivity, stream lines your work, is hassle free, makes you more organized and is really easy to use. 

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