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Music and Technology: What does your playlist reveal about you?

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“So, what sort of music do you listen to?” is one of the very first questions that many ask upon meeting someone new. The question echoes throughout many high school and university hallways countless times everyday. It is a common conception that a lot could be deduced from someone’s music preferences. Some relatively recent and interesting science is present to entertain this conception. Two experienced scientists, namely Professor Adrian North and psychologist Sam Gosling, examined the relationship between the music genre one identifies with and certain personality attributes and lifestyle choices. For example, both scientists observed that classical music aficionados are creative, gentle and curious about new things, whereas rockers and heavy metal enthusiasts tend to be athletic and open to new experiences. Admittedly, these scientists have adopted different definitions and categories for music genres and, therefore, they do not see eye to eye on all subjects. Relying on a fresh collation of data by Beluga Analytics, the above infographic works a distinct angle on the issue.

As noted in a recent Mashable post, Beluga’s collation of music and technology usage statistics provides interested parties with fun information on the relationship between an individual’s favorite music genre and his/her technology usage and choices. The infographic above shares some of the interesting findings. The data reveal that a staggering percentage of dance music enthusiasts, seventy percent to be exact, talked about technology in their daily conversations all the time in the last month. For most pop and classical music enthusiasts, on the other hand, technology related subjects did not constitute a significant part of daily conversations. Another interesting observation is that the listeners of Hip Hop music were more prone to watching and downloading movies online. Similar level of passion for online involvement was interestingly absent in the listeners of classical music. The infographic has more interesting anecdotes and is worth a close look.

It would also be very interesting to read whether this correlation extends to computer hardware and tech gadgets choices listeners make. Do classical music lovers go for a plain mono laser printer or a colour laser printer; a wireless mouse or an old school mechanical mouse. Such data collations would definitely be fun fodder for daily conversations.

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