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Nexus 4 Leaked By Carphone Warehouse

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse have posted a page detailing all the still-to-be-announced features of the Google Nexus 4, the next handset in the Nexus line. Unfortunately for Google, the page isn’t just a leaked image, it reveals all the upcoming features which were expected to be announced at Google’s Android event next week.

The design of the phone appears to be almost identical to that of the previous version, and it looks as if it could match the leaked press image which was reported on by Pocket Lint earlier today. The device, which is presumably made by LG according to the page, also sports an 8 megapixel camera with a quadcore Snapdragon processor. As expected, it will run on Android 4.2, which is another feature expected to make it’s first full appearance on Monday.

The page has been up for a while now and still hasn’t been taken down, which means you can even browse the tariffs to prepare your wallet for the phone’s actual release, which according to the page is just one day after the Google Android Event.

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