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Why Viral Facebook Posts are So Annoying

I’m growing tired of Facebook. Mainly because the younger version of myself thought it would be a good idea to add as many ‘friends’ as possible, even if those ‘friends’ were in fact people I had only met once, were in a similar circle of friends to my own, or were completely random foreigners who were kind enough to take time out of their day to send me a friend request. Now, I regret adding many of those people, which is why I am extremely careful who I follow on my most used social network, Twitter.*

Despite the constant life updates of people I don’t really care about filling my Facebook page all day long, the thing that really annoys me is the people who re-post motivational, shocking or viral paragraphs in an attempt to sound smart. At the moment, one particular viral status update is going around which has it’s victims believe that by publishing the information, they become immune from upcoming changes to how Facebook uses it’s customers information.

There are two main reasons why this is completely fake:

1. Facebook are not changing the way they use their user’s information.

2. A Facebook status can not separate you from the terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up for the service.

Most people are smart enough to ignore this, but as always there is a select few who think that anything they hear on the internet is the truth, and feel the need to share their knowledge of this bogus information. College Humor have depicted almost exactly what these people are like, in a hilarious video which imagines what could be going through the heads of the people who conform to posting these updates to their Facebook profiles.

¬†*I’m either too much of a nice guy to unfriend people, or too lazy.

Source: College Humor, Gizmodo

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