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Nexus 4: How Not To Launch A Product

Earlier this week, the LG Nexus 4 was due to be released on the Google Play store for a price much cheaper than found in retailers. Unfortunately, the stock was all gone within 50 minutes, meaning that Google must have advertised the product better than they thought, as they seriously under-prepared for the amount of people pouring onto the website.

So, Google apologised and promised to get more stock in the coming weeks, all seemed to be right in the world. That is until yesterday, when Google sent an e-mail to some people who had successfully purchased their Nexus 4 in time, telling them that unfortunately there product had been moved to back order, and can be expected within 3 weeks. Obviously, something horrendously wrong has happened at Google.

£240 is a remarkable price for such a device, which is obviously the reason why people were drawn to the phone and caught Google off-guard. At the moment, you can get the device on eBay, being sold by people who were lucky enough to actual get one, or even ordered two.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it happens, as I can’t really remember Google ever screwing up this bad. Hopefully they will get there act together and make more stock available, maybe even offering a free gift to those who thought they had successfully ordered in time, but have still been delayed.

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