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Google Glasses Raise Concerns

google glasses

Google Glasses Raise Concerns

The concept is quite simple you were a pair of spectacles and this feeds the wearer information such as news, maps and also details about your surrounding you can even ask question when you looking at a building like when was Buckingham Palace Built.


There are concerns being raised though about the glasses ability to capture video and take photos with the wink your eye (just hope you don’t have a nervous twitch).  These are concerns are based on the privacy of the public and that is why Google has made the glasses very visible to other people while in use.

Google have tried to remove issues by stating the glasses won’t allow the following features:

  • Clearly visible to members of the public.
  • Won’t feature Face Recognition Software.
  • Banned Porn Apps that would allow users to view adult videos and pictures.
  • Won’t allow you to watch video filmed while wearing the glasses.
  • Encouraged developers to openly try to hack the glasses.

The glasses then will be useful to check your twitter or Facebook accounts, help with directions and identifying your surroundings, taking pictures and videos.

My thoughts.

Although the idea is interesting and certainly will have a lot of interest my thoughts are that you can do all this on a smartphone so you are not getting anything new that you don’t already carry around with you.

I wear glasses and I suppose if this technology was built into them then it wouldn’t be much different to me as I am used to glasses, but say you don’t wear glasses then to have this on your face might be a bit strange and also do you want to walk around viewing the world like Data from Star Trek.  Not me, sometimes I just like to go for a walk forget about technology and enjoy the surrounding without interruption (very calming)

Let me know your thoughts :

  • Do you love the idea and would love a pair
  • Do you hate the thought of wearing them and would rather stick to your smart phone.

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