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Playstation’s ‘Latest Gaming Revolution’

>As well as all the big game releases like Halo 4 and GTA 5 coming in 2012, without a doubt the most exciting release to come is Playstation’s new portable device, the PS Vita. Basically the PS Vita is more advanced version of the PSP but with greater features like HD graphics and touch screen ability. However there is a lot more that the Vita can other to topple Nintendo’s 3DS.

HD Gaming

As said previously the first change compared to the PSP is the Vita’s greater performance.  The device has a high performance CPU and a OLED screen to enrich the gaming experience. Playstation have also announced some of the games that will be released in 2012. These include Playstation titles like Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet and Wipeout 2048. Unlike the PSP, the Vita does not use the small UMD’s found in the previous system. Instead the games are produced on small chips that slot in on top of the console.

Touch screen

Another of the Vita’s biggest enhancements is the addition of both front and back facing touch screens. The front screen helps to interact with the console like a smartphone. As well as using it with elements within the games, the touch screen allows you to push, pull and grab things in the home screen and within other apps. However both touch pads are mainly used in games. In some games, the front screen can be used for certain controls while the back touch pad can be used for other controls. The back touch pad is essential with most games to stop players covering the screen with their hands to make certain touch controls on the front touch screen.


Obviously the PS Vita will include the Playstation Network to play and download  games online and the internet browser found in the PSP.  But Social media is at the heart of the new console.  To help Playstation compete with the great functionality of Xbox live, the Vita will not only include Facebook and Twitter apps, but will also include modes such as Near and Party modes.  “Near” basically is a type of location service which shows where you are, but also any other Vita gamers around you.  Therefore you are able to invite them to your games and leave gifts for each other. Near also shows your activity by showing your Trophies, what games you have recently played on and the rating of the games.  Party mode is just like the Xbox live equivalent in which you can voice-chat with your friends and invite to your games. It will also allow you to talk to friends on the PS3 aswell as on their own Vita consoles.


The PS Vita will be released  on the 22nd of February. Price for the Wi-Fi will be £229, while the Wi-Fi and 3G model will be £299.

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