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A Review of The iDapt i2+

Nowadays, you are out of sync with the world if you use less than two or three devices regularly during the day. Whether it’s a mobile phone, an mp3 player, a USB gadget or even a cigarette, you are always going to be in possession of a rechargeable device. Trouble is, with all these devices, keeping track of the different chargers, and keeping the cables neat can be a real hassle. That’s where the i2+ universal charging station comes in extremely handy.

It’s really a matter of doing what it says on the tin. It offers a number of different docks to charge several different forms of devices in a neat and organized formation on top of the station. There is also a USB port on the site of the docking station, so if you have an incompatible product, or just don’t have enough room, you can always charge it through there.

The i2+ only charges a maximum of three devices at one time, that’s two docking areas and the usb hub. For most, this would be ample, but for a few extra pounds the i4 can be purchased, which offers 4 charging areas at one given time.

Being a charging station, this will likely be something you have on your desk all the time. That’s not a bad thing at as the glossy black surface contributes to a very well designed product. The different docks are easy to install and remove, but do make the product look slightly less neat.

The i2+ charges relatively quickly in the case of phones and music players, however tablets take a significantly large amount of time to fully charge, which is to be expected as most tablets come packaged with a 10w charger.

The iDapt i2+ is a very stylish way of keeping all your cables neat, and a way of being able to track your devices charging more carefully. That said, and depending on what type of person you are, it might be worth purchasing the i4 to get more charging spaces.

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