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Case Mate Barely There (Razr) | Review

When I bought my Razr, part of my reasoning was the styling. I wasn’t a big fan of the copycat ipod look the Samsung Galaxy SII has, and the bulkier, more rounded HTCs didn’t do it for me either. As a result I chose the Motorola Razr.

As with whenever you first get a new phone, you want it to stay scratch and scuff free, and as a result, buy a case of some kind. There seem to be a million and one different options when it comes to protecting your phone, from the heavy duty cases that mask the whole handset, to film that protects only the screen.

After picking the Razr based heavily on its aesthetics, I didn’t want to choose a case that would then ruin all of Motorola’s good work. In other words, I wanted a case that protected my phone, but left the overall shape of the device the same.

After looking around the web for a bit, I came across the Case Mate ‘Barely There’ range. It’s a collection of cases for a wide range of smart phones that provide protection whilst, as the name suggests, encroaching very little on the appearance of the device. I plumped for white, but they are available in a variety of colour ways.

On my receipt of the product, I was very impressed. It does exactly what it suggests in protecting the rear and sides of my phone well, whilst leaving it still ‘Razr’ thin when compared to other handsets.

Easy to fit, it clips over the back of the phone and provides much needed protection for a device that will no doubt get dropped regularly over the next 24 months of its life.

Constructed from a single piece of plastic, the case fits brilliantly and with its sleek design, the phone looks as good with it on as with it off.

It has neat cut outs for all the buttons and ports around the phone, including for the volume rocker, the standby button and the camera. All this means that once fitted, the case should never need to come off, unless you need to access the memory card, with the sim and sd card door unfortunately covered.

At £15 for my handset, the Case Mate Barely There probably falls in to the mid-range category of cases. It isn’t as cheap as some, although it is built with far more quality. Having bought several cases cheaply from eBay and stalls in shopping centres that never fit quite right and end up cracked and in the bin after a few weeks, I think the Case Mate Barely There offers a huge improvement. Its one piece design is sleek and fits well, providing protection and peace of mind.

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