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FLUD 3.0, Available To Download Now

Today you can download an update to FLUD, the social news reader. But the update isn’t just speed improvements and a complete UI overhaul, it’s a complete change in how the application works. FLUD now focuses on sharing stories throughout teams and workplaces, meaning you can share articles with your colleagues. The stories can be managed on an online dashboard which is just as well designed as the applications on iPad and iPhone. The newly designed FLUD is smoother and tidier to use than any of the previous versions, each article’s images are stored at the top of the page in a scrollable gallery making the entire reading experience clean.

Flud is the Science Behind Company Intelligence from Bobby Ghoshal on Vimeo.

For people who have been using FLUD since it’s early days, it’s still just as easy to use for people who aren’t wanting to share information throughout teams. Reading your favourite sources and sharing the stories with your friends is as simple as ever, with the added option to share content throughout teams.

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