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Griffin Elan Form Graphite for iPhone 4

Our aim in asking MobileFun for a Griffin Elan Form Graphite case was to see if we could find a case which was thin, tough and stylish. This case ticks all of those boxes, and for a very reasonable price.

Part of what attract me to getting the Griffin case was the design. The graphite texture covers the entire case, which makes it look good as well as being very easy to grip on to. This means the graphite protects the case as well as being the thing that separates it from your average plastic case.

The case leaves a pretty big ridge so you can put the iPhone front down on a surface and it’s protected by the case. This means that the case covers the front, back and sides of the phone leaving it practically immune to small bumps and scrapes.

The case isn’t thick, but it’s not thin either. It’s a lot thicker than the likes of the Case-Mate Barely There, but offers a lot more durability and style than you could find in a case that thin. Personally I haven’t seen a case this thin that offers as much protection as it does, and it’s only made better by the amazing texture and feel of the case.

For under £20, this case is a bargain. It’s not a case which you have for a month or two and then break or grow tired off. This case has the capabilities to last a few years, or at least until you reach the end of your phone contract.

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