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Otterbox Commuter, Desire S | Review

Part of the luxury of having a modern smart phone is having a brilliant feeling design as well as an ultra slim model. So when buying a mobile phone cover which hides all of these things, it’s going to want to be a good case…or people would abandon it. Luckily, the Otterbox Commuter Series is a brilliantly sturdy case which both feels great, and protects your device from just about any everyday use.

I’ll start off with how the case feels. It has a thick plastic outer shell, which due to it’s size feels very strong and is extremely easy to grip. Even more so than the aluminium casing the Desire S sports. The plastic encases a black silicon case, which is there to reduce the shock of any drops, bumps or scrapes. It feels very, very good. So good that you might forget about the brilliant design the Desire S already has. The one downside to the case, and one I find with any product that has bits made of rubber, is that it attracts dust, and a lot of it. However, this probably isn’t going to be a huge problem to anybody who wants a highly protective case.

I tested the case for just over a week. I took it through my daily routine of being pushed off my table in the morning after waking me up for college. I dropped it several times (as always) on the way to and from school, and it fell out of my stupidly small pockets on at least 3 occasions. Despite this, the case remains in a brilliant condition right now. At the moment I can literally only see two scratches on the entire case, and they are tiny!

There isn’t really a lot more I can say about the Commuter Series Otterbox Case. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Otterbox, and they haven’t disappointed me. The one downside I mentioned (attracting dust) won’t be a problem if you want this case for being out and about, and it packs a lot of tough materials into a relatively small design.

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