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Wakey For Android

Wakey for Android

Wakey is a new free application for Android which allows you to manage the time-out time of your device’s display in a quick and simple manner.

Wakey is exactly the sort of application I have been looking for a long time now. I usually have my screen display time set to 15 seconds, as it means I can be sure I haven’t accidentally left my phone screen on in my pocket, saving my battery life. However there are certain times where I want the screen to stay on longer. Usually, this is when I am showing a photo on my screen to a group of friends of family members. Normally, by the time the photo has fully loaded and is passed onto the next person, the screen has turned off.

Wakey is the perfect solution to the problem this problem. The idea is simple. When you want the screen to stay on, simply open the app and tap the light bulb. When you are done, open the app again and turn off the bulb, or deactivate it from the notification bar if you are using Jelly Bean. Once deactivated, power is restored to your system’s time-out time.

Oh yeah, we’re also partnered with the guy behind the application, so by downloading the app you are also helping us out! It’s free on the Google Play Store right now so I highly recommend you give it a shot.

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