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Access Hulu & Other Netflix Media Libraries In The UK

Media Hint, Hulu in UK

BBC iPlayer is one of the best on-demand services in the world, in that it works perfectly well and programmes are usually available to watch only a short amount of time after airing on TV. The problem is, even the most patriotic Brit would probably admit to watching a fair bit of American television, which unfortunately is quite hard to access in the UK. British people can either wait for US programmes to make their way over to this side of the pond, which is usually a few series behind, or they can be naughty and download them from the web.

Those people will have no doubt searched for how to watch some programmes online, and have stumbled across websites like Hulu which look very promising…right until the region lock message appears on your screen rather than the video you were hoping to watch. Luckily, a new extension for Chrome and Firefox tweaks things in your browser’s settings, fooling US-Only websites into thinking you’re in the states.

It really couldn’t be much easier to get set up with Media-Hint, the extension offering the service. Simply visit their website and install the extension. It installs instantly and no further set up is required. As you can see from the image above, the service also allows you to access Pandora and Rdio music streaming services, as well as the American library of Netflix.

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