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Flipboard for Android, Download It Now!

Last week we found that the highly popular news reader on iOS was coming to Android, however it was coming out for Samsung Galaxy SIII owners first.

However, XDA member Valcho just happened to have a Samsung’s latest model lying around, and decided to extract the APK file and publish it for the world to enjoy.

It works just like the iPhone version which we saw released late last year, with the magazine style swiping being vertical rather than horizontally on the iPad.

I have tested the APK file on a Galaxy SIII running Android 2.3.6 which works flawlessly. I also have used it on my HTC Desire S running an early version of CM9, and although it had some trouble on the first install, a quick re-install fixed the problem I was experiencing and now works perfectly.

How to download Flipboard on Android

1. Visit this article on your mobile and click the download link below.

2. Once the download has finished, click the notification in your status bar and select install, this may take a while.

3. Done!

(Unknown sources need to be enabled in your settings menu)




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