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Good Reads – Project Kennedy: Redesigning Google

google redesign

Since Larry Page became CEO of Google in 2011, the company has released and updated an almost uncountable amount of apps for iOS and their Android operating system. When he took over, he launched Project Kennedy, a complete redesign of all of Google’s services. ┬áThe Verge went to Google to find out how they were able to have such a big change in a very small amount of time. Annoyingly, I can’t embed the video, but it’s certainly worth a watch.

What’s really interesting is that, whereas Apple has one head of design who oversees everything, there are so many departments of Google that it became a big team effort to change it up. From YouTube to the main search engine, everything had to match the same design scheme.


Read ‘Redesigning Google: How Larry Page Engineered a Beautiful Revolution’ on The Verge


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