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google currents 2.0 on ios
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Google Currents 2.0 Update on iOS

google currents 2.0 on ios

Google is on fire at the moment. Their Project Kennedy redesign plan has taken over iOS, creating what are possibly the most beautiful applications available on Apple’s operating system. The latest app to get the update is Currents, Google’s news reader app.

The design has almost completely changed. Previously, the articles were laid out in a page format, however they are now in a grid-style list. It looks quite similar to the iOS Google+ application, as the articles fade in as you scroll down. Once you have read an article, it turns black and white, just like in the screenshot above.

The updated design has made the app much easier to use, it’s now extremely smooth. In the past I have favoured readers like FLUD and Pulse over Google Currents, but I’ve been using this updated version for a couple of hours now and don’t see any reason to use anything else.

Google Currents on iOS

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