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Instagram Prints by Firebox

Instagram is a great platform for sharing photos, grabbing the attention of millions of users by allowing them to add cool and vintage style filters to any of their photos in a single second. The idea is not one that has gone unnoticed, with Facebook buying Instagram for around $1bn earlier this year. But once you have shared the photos online, nothing happens to them. If you want to see them, you either have to re-visit the application or it stored on your phone, or even have to print it off yourself.

Firebox offer that service for you, and I can assure you that they do a much better job than any home printer could do.

This isn’t so much as a review, rather a ‘go online and get this now’ article. The quality of the prints are amazing, styled like old polaroid photographs. The pack of prints even comes with a Sharpie so that you can annotate what was happening in the snap, and keep it forever.

Available at Firebox, you can get 12 prints for £9.99, or 24 prints for £14.99.


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