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Jelly Bean Lock Screen, Download Now!

Android Jelly Bean will bring an assortment of new features. Some are game changing such as the Siri-challenging ‘Google Now’ and the new notification system, but some are minor UI tweaks such as the new lock screen. If you’re eager to feel like you have Android 4.1 on your phone, you can now download the Jelly Bean Lock Screen as an application.

Holo Locker is free to download from the Google Play Store and immediately changes your lock screen to display the dot pattern we have seen in early videos of Jelly Bean. The dots are the only difference the application brings, as the only additional feature a real port would bring is the ability to swipe up to enter Google Now.

Each week we are receiving more and more goodies to theme Android to look like Jelly Bean. A combination of this with Holo Launcher, a Jelly Bean Keyboard and the Jelly Bean Wallpapers, you’re non-4.1 device can look like Jelly Bean before you know it. If you want to take it one step further, you could even download an early port version of Google Now.

Download: Holo Locker

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