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MailerLite, An Easy Way To Create Newsletters

Running a successful business often involves sending out e-mails to keep in contact with clients. The trouble is, sending multiple e-mails is a chore, and some newsletter creating services fail to offer many customization options. MailerLite is an easy way to create newsletters straight from your browser, offering a lot of themes and ways to arrange content for just $99 a year.

Here’s how easy it is to get started


No cluttered interface here, simple easy to find headings make creation process extremely easy to start.
First steps include naming the newsletter, setting the company name and choosing where replies get sent.
Once again, the clutter-free layout means that there is no confusion as to how to layout the newsletter. Simple drag and drop boxes mean that you are always sure where content will appear.
In less than two minutes, I created a simple but professional looking newsletter, using images and content as well as social media buttons so that recipients can contact us.
The next step is selecting who receives the newsletter. Mailing lists can be organised into different categories, and individual recipients can be selected. Hmmm, looks like I could use a few more subscribers.
You can even test what the finished product looks like by sending it to your own e-mail address.
Preparing for an upcoming event? In the final stage of the creation process you can select a time and date to send out the newsletter, as well as integrating Google Analytics to which links attract attention on the newsletter.
Here’s my newsletter sent to my iPad.


$99 a year | Maximum of 10,000 subscribers

$198 a year | Maximum of 20,000 subscribers

$297 a year | Maximum of 30,000 subscribers

$396 a year | Maximum of 40,000 subscribers

$495 a year | Maximum of 50,000 subscribers

What I Like:

– Very user-friendly.

– Cheaper than other options.

– Lots of colourful themes.

– Google Analytics

What could be added?

– More features for advanced users, who want to customize their newsletter beyond the template.


MailerLite is the perfect option for people who are starting up or maintaining a business however lack much computing knowledge. It’s a very simple process which guides you through design of the newsletter and makes sure you send it to the exact people you want. While I was creating the test newsletter above, there was never a moment where I felt lost, and using the templates I was confident that my finished product would have a professional finish.

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of MailerLite by visiting the link below.

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