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office 365 released

Microsoft Launches Office 365, The Next Generation Office

office 365 released

Microsoft’s Office package is extremely popular, and for the most part, companies across the world keep up to date with the latest releases. So they’ll all be interested to know that Microsoft have just officially released the next version of the software, Office 365. However it’s slightly different to what many of you might be used to.

Users are expected to download Office 365 Home Premium from the Microsoft website, without any need for an actual installation disc. Once the product has been paid for, it can be downloaded and installed on up to five different systems. The aim of this is to counter the ever-growing competition of Google, by letting users access their files from multiple locations, just like with Google Documents and Drive.

Unlike other versions of the package, Office 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning you’ll have to pay £7.99 a month for access.

You’ll still be able to go into a shop and purchase the package, if you have something against entering your payment details online. However all you’ll be buying is a code to activate the product (presumably for a year), which still has to be downloaded from Microsoft.

The new Office has had a pretty large user interface change since the last major release in 2010. You’ll definitely see a lot of Microsoft’s flat design scheme, used in Windows 8 and Xbox.

If you’re not convinced, or don’t want to take the risk, Microsoft have made a free month-long trial available, which can be downloaded right now.

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