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Report: Facebook To Get Auto-Play Adverts

facebook auto-play adverts

Facebook are probably aware by now that any change they make is met with a very poor reception at first, however if they think auto-play adverts will become okay over time, they are mistaken.

The report comes from AdAge, who claim that Facebook are planning on rolling out the adverts to desktop, with the possibility of coming to mobiles and tablets shortly afterwards. Adverts aren’t that annoying, in most cases they can be ignored, but Facebook are apparently preparing the only form of advert that can’t be ignored, auto-play ads.

We’ve all had it. Browsing a website with multiple tabs open, only to have a voice boom out of your speakers or headphones from one of the tabs, forcing you to scroll up and down on every page to find the culprit. It’s possibly the most annoying form of online advertising, and it could be the final straw for many users of Facebook, should the report turn out to be true.

Source: C-NET     (Image: Flickr)

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