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Skullcandy Jib Headphone Review

In the first of our ‘pocket money purchases’ we look at the Skullcandy Jib in ear headphones. at just under £10 they can definitely be considered a pocket money purchase, but do they represent good value for money, or would you be better off investing a bit more to get a better value set of headphones?

A few years ago, skullcandy got big in the UK. Everyone was using them. I guess they could be considered the monster beats of their time, but unlike beats, the price point of the Skullcandy headphones range starts from less than a tenner and goes right up to headsets that cost a few hundred pounds. The Skullcandy Jib in ear headphones come at the bottom end of that scale, but still look and feel very much like Skullcandys.

Available in a variety of different colour ways, the Skullcandy Jibs are a fun way to listen to music and a better alternative to stock headphones that come with mp3 players and sound awful.

Skullcandy Jib In-Ear Headphones – Blue

Each bud comes with the Skullcandy skull on it, something which to younger listeners will be an attraction. To older audiophiles, the bright colours and loud branding may be something to avoid, and these headphones are undoubtedly aimed at the younger listener.
That’s not to say these buds are style over substance as they definitely pack a punch in the audio department, which is of course what is important.

The Jib headphones don’t sound tinny like many cheaper pairs, and audio is crisp and defined. I often find cheap sets of headphones sound like your listening to music through a pillow, which isn’t the case here. Bass levels are good, and not too overpowered like I feel is the case with Dr Dre Beats.

For under a tenner, there aren’t many better pairs of headphones, although if you’re prepared to spend a bit more, a pair of headphones for 20 or 30 pound would represent much better sound quality, and possibly better value for money.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of in-ear headphones. The rubber buds rarely fit my ears, and extended use results only in headaches. These however, are very comfortable. I had no problem listening to music for a period of hours, rather than the usual minutes. Even after such a long period of time, my ears were still unaffected by listening. They’re never going to be as comfortable as over-head earphones, but these are some of the most comfortable in ear headsets I’ve used.

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To summarise, if you’re a frequent listener of music, you may want to spend a bit more cash. Sennheiser headphones are available at around £20 and provide a better all-round experience packaged in a more understated shell. The Skullcandy Jib Headphones however, are a bit of fun. The neon colour-ways are exciting and something different and although the more serous audiophile may choose to look towards pricier options, the Jibs can’t really be beaten for under a tenner.

Style: 7/10

Sound Quality: 7/10

Comfort: 7/10

Value for money: 8/10

Skullcandy Jib In-Ear Headphones – Blue

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