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twitter for android update
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Twitter for Android Updated With New UI

twitter for android update

The Twitter application for Android was updated last night, bringing an updated UI with is better suited to Android’s ‘Holo’ design guidelines.

The new design definitely looks a lot better than it ever did before. You can now swipe between categories, rather than having to tap each time. The edges on each side of the screen has also disappeared to make room for the new font.

The new design looks very modern and so far has been a pleasure to use, however there has been a mixed response in comment sections and forums around the web. From what I’ve seen, many people don’t like how the new design looks flat and cold compared to the last design, which had textures to make it look slightly fancier. Personally, I’m a big fan of the new design, and have reverted to using the official client as my main source of Twittering.

Twitter on Google Play Store

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