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YouTube Has Been an 8 Year Contest, Shutting Down Tomorrow

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Google have announced that YouTube, one of their biggest services, has been a video contest spanning 8 years, and tomorrow will be the last day for entries.

Yes, Google have kicked off their April Fools Day pranks by releasing a video one day early, on Easter Sunday. In the three minute video, the company explains that the whole website has been a way to see who can create the best video during the 8 years since it was initially launched. It goes on to explain that the site will officially shut down on 1st April 2013, and will re-open in 2023 with the announcement of a winning video.

Good to see Google are continuing their April Fools Day pranks. You can keep up with each and every prank over at our Google April Fools Day Pranks 2013 Roundup.

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