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YouTube Expands Partnership Program, Available To All

With the rise of video sharing over the last few years, and the YouTube partnership which pays video creators handsomely, you wouldn’t be completely mad for attempting to start a full-time career by simply uploading videos of your every day life. The problem up until now has been that in order to be paid by YouTube for your content, you must have a certain amount of views to be deemed ‘popular’.

But this changes today. An update to the YouTube partnership blog has revealed that anybody can choose to display adverts before their video, thus generating some revenue, no matter how popular the video is.

It’s a huge boost to those who want to start their own YouTube career, as it means beginners can slowly earn money to afford better quality cameras and production teams, to give them a better chance of making the big time.

Newbies haven’t been given all the partnership features though, with the option of having a custom banner being just one of the things which is still limited to popular YouTubers.

You can read more about the changes on the Official YouTube Partnership Blog.

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