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Using On The Go is a unique paid social network which is still in extremely early days, however a lot of media attention has meant that the service has become quite popular even at this stage. So, like most social networks, you’re going to want to be able to post updates from mobiles.

Luckily there are already applications to allow you to do this.


Rhino is a beautiful application, it looks almost Tweetbot-like. Brilliant textures and a simple user interface means that, even though it’s one of the first apps for the social network, it’s clear it’s going to be the one to beat in the future.

Application features:
– user stream
– mentions stream
– global stream
– user profile
– send new post
– reply to user or reply to all
– preview image of YouTube video links on streams
– and much more…


Hooha is the first dedicated application for Android. It follows the Holo design guidelines almost perfectly, however the build is ‘in no way complete’.

* View your stream, mentions and global posts.
* Pull to refresh
* Compose a new post.
* Reply to or repost other posts.
* View user profiles, follow and unfollow.
* Open links from posts.
* Share links to Hooha from other Android apps.
* Android 2.2+


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