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Archos 13.3″ ‘FamilyPad’ Makes its Debut

Archos FamilyPad Tablet

Archos have revealed their latest tablet, the FamilyPad, designed for the reason the name would suggest, family use.

The FamilyPad runs Ice Cream Sandwich, has a 1080p HD display and 8GB of flash memory. While their competitors Asus and Apple are trying to win over the market of 7 inch tablets, Archos have gone in a completely different direction and released the FamilyPad with a 13.3″ screen size, significantly larger than most of the competition. The reason behind the large screen size is so that it can be used in a family environment, where kids might want to use or watch something on the tablet at the same time.

The specs aren’t anything special, and at £275 people may still be more tempted towards mainstream tablets like the Nexus range or even the iPad mini. But Archos’s aim is to lure people in with the prospect of it being a family friendly tablet, and have even pre-installed some board games, films and other activities to get started on as a family.

The Archos FamilyPad is due for release in Europe next month in time for Christmas.

Source: Engadget, Archos

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ARCHOS Brings Back Game Night and Puts a Digital Twist on Family Time with the Release of FamilyPad
The FamilyPad 13.3″ will revolutionise game night with digital board games that the family can play together, movie and picture sharing and a special digital family organiser
London – November 20, 2012 – ARCHOS, an award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, is proud to announce a new type of tablet for the entire family called the FamilyPad. Perfectly sized for a family to use together the FamilyPad, featuring an impressive 34cm HD screen, will become the must have family companion this holiday season. Families can sit down and play digital board games, watch movies, share pictures or connect to social networks together. The FamilyPad runs smoothly and displays everything on a large sharp color 1280*800 HD display. It also features a 10x multitouch screen that allows up to four people to play a game as if it’s a real game board. It can also be put on display in the kitchen, living room or family room as a family organiser. The FamilyPad will be first released in the UK for £274.99 starting in December 2012.

Play together

The FamilyPad brings a new meaning to family game night and recreates the traditional board game into a digital game that provides a complete interactive experience for the entire family. With its 10x Multitouch screen, families can play games with up to four people at time for a real game board experience. The FamilyPad features thousands of various games to choose from including a range of pre-installed games selected by ARCHOS for an instant out of the box gaming experience.

Perfect for sharing movies and pictures

Family members can load all their HD videos, pictures or movies on this tablet for a high quality 1080P HD resolution viewing experience. The FamilyPad features a special embedded animated slide show functions that make pictures come alive for an entertaining slide show on a 34cm screen.

Organise the family

Family members can use the FamilyPad as a complete family organiser by placing it on display in the kitchen, living room or common area. In addition, they can keep connected with friends and family anytime through social networking and chat applications. It also allows configuration of a variety of email accounts for each family member, access to newspapers, sport news, financial information, traffic updates, weather forecasts and more. The FamilyPad is the perfect sized display tablet that will help keep every family member informed and organisedeach day.

Technical Specs:

· Storage: 8GB flash memory and expandable via micro SDHC Slot up to 32 GB

· Operating system: ANDROID™ 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”

· CPU: ARM Cortex A8 @ 1 GHz RAM: 1GB

· Display: 13.3″ inch (34cm), capacitive 10 points MultiTouch Screen, 16 million colors, 1280 x 800 HD screen resolution

· Interfaces: 1x Micro USB host 2.0 for external devices, Micro SD slot, HDMI output

· Camera: Front camera 2.0 MP (1600*1200) and back camera 2.0 MP (1600*1200)


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