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Beta Update for Nova Launcher, Download Now!

An update is available for users of the Nova Launcher who wish to experience speed and animations similar to that of Jelly Bean.

The Android 4.0+ launcher was released last year and boasted very fast speeds and easy to use customization, much like the features that were available in the now outdated LauncherPro. The update to Nova Launcher is now based on Jelly Bean, so that your phone can replicate the performance available in Android 4.1, as well as getting all the customization features you would expect to find in a launcher.

New Features

  • Merge jellybean launcher
  • * Automatic desktop rearrangement
  • * Automatic widget resize
  • * Fling to delete
  • * Smoother
  • * More
  • Import settings from other launchers (Stock, Samsung, HTC, Moto, Trebuchet, Apex)
  • Custom Drawer grid size
  • Add Info/Uninstall to quick menu, better centering and scrolling
  • Update JB Icon Theme for Moto ICS
  • Fix FCs

Unlike normal updates, Nova Launcher Beta can’t be accessed by updating from the Play Store. In this case you simply check for updates directly from the application’s menu, and select to enter the beta.

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