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Blackberry Z10 Releasing on January 30th in UK

Blackberry z10 release date

Hey Blackberry fans! You don’t have much longer to wait! The Verge has just revealed that the first BB10 phone will be available for order on January 30th in the UK, with the device being available in Vodafone stores the next day.

BB10 is RIM’s latest Blackberry operating system, and is thought to be the company’s last chance at saving the Blackberry name. The brand has slumped in the last couple of years due to unimpressive hardware and outdated software, which hasn’t kept up with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The new operating system has some extremely interesting features, some of which are unlike no other OS.

BB10’s official launch party is this Wednesday, which is when you can expect to see what features to look forward to, and we expect further details on this, the Z10.

Source: The Verge


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