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Celebrate Android 4.1 With Jelly Bean Wallpaper


Android 4.1 is gradually making it’s way on to phones across the world, and to celebrate, The Jelly Belly Candy Co. have released a special Jelly Bean wallpaper to theme out your phone.

The live wallpaper can be customized to show an assortment of different flavoured jelly beans, each of which can be flicked across the screen.

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> Tap the screen to drop more jelly beans into your jar
> Touch and hold a jelly bean, then drag, spin or flick it
> Shake the phone or tilt it upside down to clear
> Invent your own games, like “Jelly Belly Volleybean” – don’t let the bean hit the bottom!
> Choose your favorite flavors to display, like Buttered Popcorn or Very Cherry
> Change the level of gravity to affect the drop/tilt/flick features
> Choose a background for the best look on your phone

Source | Droid Life

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