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Chrome: Instatabs, View Instagram In New Tab Window

instatabs on Chrome Web Store

The default New Tab page on Google Chrome is quite boring. It either shows your most viewed web pages, which is quite pointless if you use a lot of bookmarks anyway. The other page, unless you use a Chromebook, is the apps page. So how can you make more of this space?

There are plenty of Instagram applications and extensions for Chrome, but none are quite as good as this. Rather than requiring you to open a pop up window or select it from next to the address bar, Instatabs displays your Instagram feed directly in your new tabs page. The page is very tidy, following the design scheme of the Instagram applications and official website. You can’t do anything else from within this page though, you can see how many likes a photo has got but to add your comment, you have to click the image which takes you to the official Instagram photo viewer.

Download Instatabs at the Chrome Web Store.

Editor’s Note: I recently bought a Chromebook which has forced me to realise some of the amazing apps and extensions available. I’ll be posting about Chrome a lot more often from now on.

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