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How a leased line can help transform your business


A consumer broadband connection at home is usually good enough for what you need it to do – send emails, post on Facebook or maybe stream a movie. However in the world of business sometimes this broadband just doesn’t cut it.

If your company has different locations and offices in different parts of the world you’re going to need something faster and more reliable. When it comes to video conferencing calls, uploading large files and using data at peak times – leased line connections are the only option.

A leased line connection is essentially a reserved circuit between two points and they are predominantly used to connect businesses with offices in different locations.

The need for speed

Unlike broadband connections whereby the lines are shared with several users, leased line connection offers the client a cable line reserved only for their business. This offers the user many advantages; not least the ability to deliver high speed connection around the clock.

With broadband typically the speed of the connection slows down at peak times; i.e. times when there are too many users logging on. Leased line connections eliminate this problem, guaranteeing a consistently high performance at all times. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to video conferencing between different branches of the business. A slow connection could diminish the quality of the meeting or in some cases cut it out completely.

Most broadband packages offer a guaranteed download speed only and quite often the time it takes to upload a document or file can be frustratingly slow. This is no good in business where there is quite often an equal need to both download and upload items.

Maximum security

Another key advantage of a leased line when it comes to business is the advanced levels of security it offers. As it offers a data network connection between two points (and not over the internet) it means information can be passed much more securely without the need for encryption or VPN. Click here for some information on the advantages and disadvantages of using leased line connections.

In a cut throat corporate world every advantage is needed to ensure your business competes. Having a speedy and reliable internet connection is one such advantage. This article outlines some of the issues the UK faces going forward in securing superfast broadband.

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