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Medal Of Honor Warfighter Beta

Stuck for something to do this weekend? Not anymore! The beta of Medal of Honor: Warfighter is hitting the Xbox Marketplace tomorrow (5th October).

This game is the sequel to the Medal of Honor reboot which launched in 2010 to some less than favorable reviews. Despite this, the new game looks quite incredible, mostly down to the fact that it uses the same game and physics engine as Battlefield 3, which is probably my favorite shooter available.

However, if you don’t have an Xbox, and therefore don’t have access to the beta, why watch something to get you hyped for it’s release at the end of the month? The video below is actual gameplay of the Medal of Honor Warfighter campaign, it looks amazing.

Like most of these downloads, there isn’t a specific time to expect the download. If you’ve got the day, I’d advise sitting tapping refresh on the Xbox Marketplace.

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