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The Nexus 7 Screen Fault

With the extraordinary price of the Nexus 7 and the rave reviews that Jelly Bean is getting, it seems like there is no reason to not go out and order one. However what you may not know is that a number of users have reported problems with the touch screen, claiming that it often fails to pick up on their gestures.

Ryan from has uploaded a video of himself testing out this bug and sure enough, it happens just as people describe. The issue usually begins during or after playing a high performance game. Eventually, the left hand side of the screen (portrait) begins to fail to recognise touches.

Ryan tested this using a touch recognition application and although the touches were still fine on the other side of the screen, it still failed to recognise the other side. As shown in the video, more often than not you can fix the issue by turning the screen on and off again.

Source: | Image: MinimallyMinimal

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