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Record In 720p With The Nexus 7

Taking photos with tablets just looks downright stupid, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to have the option!

The very reasonably priced Google Nexus 7 only came installed with a front facing camera for video calling, which as you can expect is very low quality. The reason it is so low quality is that ‘Google didn’t add the media profile for 720p to tell it how to use 720p’, whatever that means. Luckily a member of XDA has came up with a method of enabling the 720p recording, using the method at the link below. Remember that the Nexus 7 only has a front facing camera, so no matter what you will still be taking the photo without actually checking that you have the target in frame, but it does mean that the quality of your self recordings and video calls will be substantially better.

As with most mods, this can be quite complicated. Make sure you read through the entire requirements and instructions before you proceed, otherwise you could lose data or brick the device completely.

Source: XDA Developers | Gizmodo

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