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The Boast Sound Reflector for iPad

Apple’s products are always very well made in design quality, however lack in some of the actual design features. The speaker on the iPad is an example of something that, although they made very pretty, is terrible compared to the rest of the tablet’s quality. 

A new Kickstarter project aims to put into production a product which simply snaps onto the speaker using magnets, and amplifies the audio and makes it clearer, so that you no longer have to cup your hands around the speaker to direct the sound to you.

The Boast is made out of a nearly unbreakable Polypropylene Homopoly and grabs the iPad with neodymium magnets.

Here’s creator Nick Wilson’s view on the iPad speakers, and the Boast.

“Everywhere I use the iPad, there is a multitude of sound coming from all directions, sometimes drowning out the iPad, even at max volume. During these times I find myself unnaturally cupping my hand around the speaker to reflect the sound towards me to overcome the sounds of my environment. After about an hour or so of this temporary fix, my hand tires and I become frustrated, taking away from the pure enjoyment I get out of the iPad. The Boast is designed to take the place of your cupped hand, unleashing the full potential of your iPad’s audio.”

The Boast is still in the funding stage on Kickstarter. At this stage, the cheapest pledge you can give with a reward is $15, which will get you one Boast as a thank you. There is currently only three days left for the project to reach it’s target of $15,000, so head over and make your contribution!

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