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Sergey Brin Wears Google Glasses on NYC Subway

Sergey Brin Subway Google Glasses

Last night, Google’s Co-Founder Sergey Brin was spotted on the New York subway sporting what promises to be Google’s most exciting product to date, Google Glasses.

The question is, are the glasses quickly becoming a finished product, or is he wearing them merely for show. There’s a good chance that, as there hasn’t really been any mention on the development of the product recently, Brin decided to pop out wearing the glasses, causing the media to go crazy for it once again.

However, Google have also said that they hope to release the product as soon as next year. So by now, it’s expected that the product he is wearing in the picture above is actually a functioning version, maybe it was even navigating him around New York at the time. Who knows?

Source: Twitter

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