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Are we all moving to smartphones for our gaming?

As smartphones become the phone of choice for most mobile users and you can definitely see why as they are a Personal Computer a Camera, Sat Nav, internet browser, games consul, Social Media platform and oh yes of course you can make still make a phone call on them.  How is all this tech in your pocket affecting the way we access and play games and how is the gaming and app industry reacting to this.

We have all been waiting in a queue or on a train or bus and looked up to see virtually everyone either on social media or playing a game and not only have the new range of smartphones made this easier but developers have also created games which are mind blowing, I mean we are talking console quality a far cry from the first games of snake and roll the dice. (If you can remember that far back).

Of course we have the ever increasing online gaming world which has taken the games like roll the dice to a whole new level with companies like offering the ability to play your favourite casino games win money and all while waiting for the bus, with games like BlackJack, Slots and even roulette on your phone we are really being spoilt for choice.

candy crush

Most Android games offer a free version which is great although you do find there are in app payments which gives you additional access within the game, like the ability to add extra lives and levels or special features games like Candy Crush had become extremely successful with this business model.

Of course you have the more adult games which range from driving games like Crazy Taxi City Rush to Modern Combat 5: Blackout which as the name suggests is a combat game. These games are really more in depth and this is where you feel the consul games coming to your smartphone.

modern combat 5 blackout

Smartphone games for me are split into two camps the games that are great for the commute you know the ones you can just dip in and out of like the angry birds/bad piggies and the adventure or walk through which you can lose yourself for hours like Sky Force 2014 /Plants Vs Zombies.

So whatever you are doing and how much time you have you always have your smartphone and a game or app which is going to be right for that moment, the only problem you have is which game or app to choose, not a bad decision to have.

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