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Samsung Galaxy SII – What We Know and What We Don’t

With the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S III just around the corner on May 3rd, the rumor mill is going like crazy. The videos of the leaked phone that are going around have just made everything more confusing. Will it have a 3D screen? How large will the screen be? Will it be faster than a unicorn at a full gallop? These are all questions that need answering. Hopefully, I’ll be able to clear things up for you.

What We Know

Samsung is being very secretive about the Galaxy S III. We can’t even be certain that it will be called the S III. There are, however, a few things that we do know for sure.

1.4GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
4.7” 720×1184 Display
1080p video recording
12MP Rear facing camera
8MP Front facing camera

There is a lot of good to be seen in the specs above. It will be very fast. 1GB is nearly twice as much RAM as the IPhone 4S, which is very fast. The OS will be absolutely beautiful and user friendly. The cameras will both be very good, although the rear facing camera will be better than the front facing camera. With a 4.8 inch HD display, you’ll have plenty of screen to see the photos and videos you take with those cameras.

The Rumors

There were a lot of rumors a while ago that there would be a 3D screen. I am glad so say that it looks as though there will not be. 3D is very nice when you go to a movie, but when dealing with something that you touch it will only give you a headache.
Will it have a curved back so that it will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand? While it would be nice, I don’t know if I would give this one too much credence, if only because the same rumors were flying around with the IPhone 4S.

Is the phone shown in the leaked video what we should expect to see on May 3rd? No, probably not. The phone shown in the video is a disguised prototype. It had all of the internal hardware that we should expect to see, but the phone itself will look different.

Will it even be called the Galaxy S III? We can’t be sure. There is a rumor floating around that it will be called “The New Galaxy.” I doubt that Samsung would so clearly follow in the steps of Apple with “The New IPad.”

Will it be faster than a unicorn at a full gallop? Unfortunately, no. It will be very fast, though.

To round everything up, I would give the Samsung Galaxy S III a “buy.”

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