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UK Judge to Apple – “Admit You Are Wrong”

It’s been a mere two weeks since Apple successfully won the power to ban sales of the Galaxy Nexus, appearing as though they had finally conquered a massive portion of the long running debate between Samsung and themselves. Now, the tables have turned.

Bloomberg is reporting that a UK judge who previously ruled that the Galaxy Tab and iPad weren’t similar because Samsung’s tablet wasn’t ‘cool enough’, has today decided that Apple must publicly declare that the Galaxy Tab is not based on the iPad’s design.

The judge has asked that Apple must write a statement on and keep it published for six months, while also releasing a statement in UK newspapers.

This won’t be the first time Apple has had to release an embarrassing statement recently. Last month the Apple website was carefully reworded to suggest that Macs are capable of getting viruses, whereas they had previously stated they weren’t capable of getting them. This edit followed an outbreak of a virus which infected thousands of Macs across the world.

Source: Bloomberg via RedmondPie

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