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Videos Of The Week #1

This is the first of hopefully many Videos of the Week, a collection of the best videos from around the web last week. In this post, there are only three videos, however I ask that you help out by alerting us to videos you think are worthy of a mention in the future.

Happy 80th Birthday Lego!

Last week marked the 80th birthday of Lego. The global brick-building giant began as a small and struggling wooden toy manufacturer back in 1932. Fast forward 80 years and the Lego brand is one of the most iconic toys of all time, if not because of the amount children love them, then for the amount of times that parents have screamed in pain having stepped on one of the annoying little blocks.

To celebrate the birthday, Lego put together this short animated film which looks like it’s come straight from the Pixar animators. It’s a heart-warming story and definitely worth a watch.

Embrace the Remix

In this recent TED talk, Kirby Ferguson addresses the Apple patent war using examples of Bob Dylan and Steve Jobs.

The Blue, CGI or Real?

I’m torn on this video. Gizmodo promoted it with the title ‘You won’t believe what happens in this video’, or something along those lines. In the video, a camera attached to the back of a boat, begins to capture quite a spectacle. A group of dolphins start following the camera, making quite the amazing video. Occasionally it appears that the dolphins move a bit oddly, however some people blame this on the camera or the stabilization that was done after filming. What do you think?


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