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Why Wouldn’t You?

Why wouldn’t you update your tech?, Intellicig are running a a campaign called Why Wouldn’t You and you can read more about it on their blog (

So here at Geeks Have Landed we thought we would get involved and look at items and tech we used to use and see how this has evolved.

Years ago we could only dream of having the innovations in gadgets that we own today, to be able to have a smart phone which is more powerful then the early computers, a phone you can carry with you and not have to hunt out a phone box to make a call and a tablet so powerful it can hold a library of books which is great for holidays or when you are short on space.

In this article we will look at how we used to do things and what technology has replaced and hopefully made things easier.

     biantone pong

 Binatone Vs PS4



was one of the early game consoles that would use your TV to play the game like pong tennis etc, its simple graphics did not deter from the fact that it was extremely addictive.

ps4 console


has taken gaming to new levels and is definitely the next generation of gaming consoles with high resolution graphics and amazing game play we have certainly moved on in the world of gaming


 booksBooks VS Kindle


We have all had stacks of books around the house I know most of mine are next to my bed, I do like the feel of a good book but they do take up room and you have to wait to visit a shop to buy one or for the postman if you buy online.

 kindle fire hdxKindle HDX

The kindle is one of the first most popular e readers and in the most recent guise can also be used to watch films surf the net and play many apps.The advantage of the kindle is that it can hold thousands of books and if you fancy a book you can have one  delivered to your kindle instantly and start reading which is a big advantage over waiting to buy a paper back. 

telephone box

Telephone Box Vs Mobile

We have all seen a telephone box but when was the last time we used one, the heavy doors and correct change required probably make them something we would rather forget but before mobiles they were essential and probably life savers. 

iphone 6Mobile

I would think most people own a mobile if not a smartphone, smartphones are a camera a games machine a video recorder, voice recorder, personal organiser I could go on, and oh yes you can also make a good old fashioned phone call. Old-fashioned four legged TV set isolated

Old TV vs 4K Curved TV

When the first TV’s came out they were black and white and most people were lucky to have one in their house and channels well certainly not more than a few.

 curved tv4K Curved TV

The latest TV’s are capable of stunning high definition and now are available in super 4K with curved screens for better viewing and as for the channels well if you have cable or sky then the channels go into the hundreds.


Records Vs Streaming music.

We all love the old vinyl especially if we grew up with them, the lovely crackly sounds and nostalgia surrounding them making listening to music into a wonderful experience.


Streaming services like Spotify

Steaming give you access to thousands of songs instantly you don’t get the nostalgia of a record but the flip side is the ability to play virtually any song you can think of there and then and when something takes your fancy this is a great service and one I know I couldn’t be without


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