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Belkin Verve Folio Case, Review

After purchasing my Nexus 7, I wanted a case to keep it brand new and shiny. I often buy cases for my electronics; I use them for a few weeks, then get bored and decide that the case acted only as a hindrance. I do this quite a lot.

There are 1000’s of cases on the market of different shapes and sizes, all claiming to do different things. For me, the main thing is protection. When looking for a case, I was looking for something perfect for use when travelling. To be honest, when I’m just using the device in my house, I don’t really want a case, and I dislike that most of the time, it seems that to protect any electronic device, you end up sacrificing the aesthetics of the product. I’ve messed about with various types of cases that aim to protect the product with minimal aesthetic interference, but these often only protect the rear of the device, when in reality the most delicate part of any tablet or phone is the screen.

So this time when I was looking for a case I decided against going for something that looked particularly snazzy, or claimed to fit snugly, or was neon pink. I just looked for a cover that would be perfect for protecting my device in transit, could be easily removed once I got to my destination, and didn’t cost the earth.

As a result I chose the Belkin Verve Folio Case. It’s designed primarily for Kindles according to the packaging, but it also fits 7 inch tablets, such as the Google Nexus 7. For what I want It’s pretty much spot on. Here’s why:


As I previously said, cases are available in thousands of different colours and styles. If you really want to have your phone or tablet dressed in a pink leopard print case, then go for it, but for me, I wanted something that was simple and understated. The Belkin Verve is just that. The soft leather look exterior makes the tablet look like a book when the case is shut and the small embossed BELKIN logo means that branding does not take away from the classic look of the product.

Opening the case up, you are met with a soft felt interior, perfect for keeping your device clean and scratch free. If I had one complaint, it that the felt does seem to love dust, meaning that the screen of the device often ends up slightly dusty if left in the case for an extended period.

4 elastic straps in each corner keep your device in place and give the required flexibility to allow different sized tablets to fit snugly.

The case is held shut with a magnetised strap which runs horizontally and snaps shut when the case is closed.



Depending on what you want the case for, this may or may not be the case for you. If you want a case that is bright and flashy, and is designed to clip on and never come off, then the Belkin Verve is probably not for you. If, like me, you want a case that provides ample protection during transit but can be easily removed for home usage, then this is the perfect case. When your device is placed in the case if it safe, with the edges of the cover protruding over the edges of the device, providing protection should the device be knocked or dropped.

One negative of the case should you choose to leave your nexus 7 in it permanently is the manner in which the device is secured. The elastic straps that hold the device in also make it somewhat difficult to access buttons on the sides of the device. In the case of my nexus 7, the power/sleep button is covered by the top strap, whilst the bottom one covers the headphone jack, making it difficult to listen to music or watch films whilst the device is in the case.

For me, this wasn’t a major problem, as when trialling the case, I used it as a cover for travel whilst flying, rather than as a case designed to be hold the tablet whilst in use.



At £25, the Belikn Verve is not cheap, but it’s not going to break the bank, and is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking for protection for your 7 inch tablet. For me, it’s not the sort of case you would have your device in permanently, but if you do a lot of travelling, then it’s perfect for you. The looks are classic and understated, and whilst perhaps not as functional as many clip on cases, the added screen protection could be invaluable when your device is in transit.


Link: Google Nexus 7 Cover


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