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Closure of Google Reader Make the switch before 1 July 2013

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With the closure of Google Reader don’t forget its vital to swap over to a new reader today. (Sunday 30 June 2013)

I would suggest Feedly which is a free service together with Mr Reader £2.49 from the Apple App store together they are the perfect team.


I recommended this wonderful article to help you make sure you move all your feeds across to Feedly from Google Reader before this closure on 1 July 2013.

This free step by step guide was written by Ed Dale and I think it explains everything perfectly.

Step by step guide to transfer your Google Reader to Feedly.

This will be downloaded as a pdf which is so much better to store and read.

I have already moved across so make sure you do today (Sunday 30 June 2013) before it’s too late.



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