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Google Maps for iPhone is Back!

The panic is over, Google Maps has made a return to the App Store in spectacular fashion.

It’s been a few months since iOS 6 was released, giving the boot to YouTube and Google Maps. Unfortunately, Apple’s attempt at a mapping application was far below the standards left behind by Google, pressuring the company into a public apology and the dismissal of one of Apple’s most recognised employees.

Google announced a while back that they were planning on re-releasing their applications on iOS, but they have taken their sweet time. I’m sure they sat back and let Apple get swamped in complaints before they decided to push the apps out. YouTube made a return to the App Store on iPhone shortly after being kicked out, but it’s taken until now for the Maps app to return.

Today you can download the official Google Maps application for iPhone for completely free, as always. It’s been redesigned with Google’s amazing design scheme, and is also packed with some features which never made an appearance on the default Apple version.

Unfortunately, there is no iPad version just yet. But the main complaint was that people were getting lost when trying to get directions on the go with their iPhone, so it’s understandable that this is the first version to get a release.

In some ways, getting the boot from iOS is the best thing that could have happened to Google, as it’s made Apple customers crave Google products.

Source: Gizmodo, App Store

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