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New Myspace Design Coming Soon

For me, Myspace was the first proper social network that I signed up for. I used it for about a year, however pretty soon Facebook came along and pulled me and millions of others away. Myspace is now losing many visitors, meaning that they have to do something if they want to stay in the competition, and they feel this can be done in the form of a new design.

The new design of Myspace teased in the video below is a complete overhaul of how the entire website works. It looks like a cross between a few social networks which have proven to be successful with their designs, most noticeably the tiled interface of Pinterest.

Do you think a design change is what Myspace needs to become as successful as it once was? The new style certainly looks good, however I think the chances of them regaining that same popularity is extremely unlikely.

Head over to to sign up for the new design.

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