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google map 2013 update
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New Google Maps To Be Revealed at Google I/O 2013

new google maps

Many new things look set to be revealed at Google I/O this month, including a new Google Maps for desktop, according to Google Operating System.

The new Google Maps is reported to have a complete design overhaul, and my oh my, it looks stunning. Google are really on fire at the moment in terms of design, and if the screenshots are to be believed, Google Maps could be the best designed product they have on the market at the moment.

google map 2013 update

Overall, the new Google Maps is a lot cleaner and minimal, and thankfully it looks like the card interface is very heavy in the new update. The sidebar has been completely removed, and has been replaced with the card-style drop down menu,

Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the screenshots look very legit. We’ll find out soon enough, as the new design is expected to be revealed at Google I/O on the 15th May.

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