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Prepare To Buy A Case For Your iPhone 5

After announcing the iPhone 5 to a response of over 2 million pre-orders in a matter of days, it didn’t look like Apple could to much wrong. However the launch of iOS 6 yesterday prompted a lot of Apple fanatics to become angry at the new maps application which has replaced Google Maps, meaning that in the end, Apple’s week has been far from perfect. As if their week wasn’t busy enough, Apple will now have to deal with the fact that some users are reporting that the new iPhone 5 is very easy to scratch due to the new back design.

At the moment, all of the reports we have seen are based on customer discussion in forums, so we can’t confirm anything. However one of the people participating in this discussion decided to take a pair of keys to an iPhone 5 to see really does scratch as easily as people were concerned. Unfortunately for Apple, the results of the key test weren’t good. Check out the image below.

As you can see, there are quite a few scratches on both the back surface and on the edge of the device. So until Apple confirm or deny there is a problem, now might be a good time to buy a case for your iPhone 5, just in case.

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